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The Word Is Out (1984)Edit

Jermaine Stewart - The Word Is Out
The Word Is Out
  1. The Word Is Out
  2. I Like It
  3. In Love Again
  4. Spies
  5. Reasons Why
  6. Get Over It
  7. You
  8. Month Of Mondays
  9. Debbie
  10. Brilliance

Frantic Romantic (1986)Edit

Jermaine Stewart - Frantic Romantic
Frantic Romantic
  1. We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
  2. Dance Floor
  3. Jody
  4. Versatile
  5. Frantic Romantic
  6. Don't Ever Leave Me
  7. Out To Punish
  8. Moonlight Carnival
  9. Give Your Love To Me

Say It Again (1987)Edit

Jermaine Stewart - Say It Again
Say It Again
  1. Don't Talk Dirty To Me
  2. Say It Again
  3. Get Lucky
  4. Got To Be Love
  5. Dress It Up
  6. Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
  7. Is It Really Love?
  8. Call It A Miracle
  9. Eyes
  10. My House
  11. She's A Teaser
  12. My Body (European Release)

What Becomes a Legend Most? (1989)Edit

Jermaine Stewart - What Becomes a Legend Most-
What Becomes a Legend Most?
  1. Tren De Amor
  2. Set Me Free
  3. State Of My Heart
  4. I'd Rather Be With You
  5. Every Woman Wants To
  6. Lies
  7. One Lover
  8. Call Me Before You Come
  9. Gourmet Love
  10. Please Say You Will
  11. Betty Blue
  12. Holes In My Jeans

Songs from SoundtracksEdit

  1. Wear Out The Grooves (from Perfect)
  2. Hot And Cold (from Weekend At Bernie's)

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