Jeff Beal:Rome (2005)

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Jeff Beal
Soundtrack by Jeff Beal.
  1. Rome Main Title Theme
  2. The Forum
  3. Terrible News
  4. Niobe's Theme
  5. The Battle Has Begun (Ceasar's Theme)
  6. Octavian And Octavia's Themes
  7. Riot In The Senate, Pullo Finds The Gold
  8. Ceasar Reunites With Servilia
  9. Janus Breaks
  10. Marshall Law, The Temple
  11. Ceasar's Seizure
  12. Hell Hath No Fury
  13. Vorenus Made Evocati, Servilia's Curse
  14. Farewells, The Storm
  15. The Raft
  16. The Death Of Pompey
  17. Octavia Seduces Octavian
  18. Cleopatra Seduces Caesar
  19. Triumph
  20. Mark Anthony And Atia
  21. Vorenus Saves Pullo
  22. The Murder Of Julius Ceasar
  23. Niobe's Fate
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