Jean Michel Jarre:Equinoxe (1978)

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Jean Michel Jarre
  1. Equinoxe Part 1
  2. Equinoxe Part 2
  3. Equinoxe Part 3
  4. Equinoxe Part 4
  5. Equinoxe Part 5
  6. Equinoxe Part 6
  7. Equinoxe Part 7
  8. Equinoxe Part 8
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Albums by Jean Michel Jarre

Studio Albums: Deserted Palace (1972)Les Granges Brûlées (1973)Oxygene (1976)Equinoxe (1978)Magnetic Fields (1981)Music For Super Markets (1983)Zoolook (1984)Rendez-Vous (1986)Revolutions (1988)Waiting For Cousteau (1990)Chronologie (1993)Jarremix (1995)Odyssey Through O2 (1997)Oxygene 7 - 13 (1997)Metamorphoses (2000)Sessions 2000 (2002)Geometry Of Love (2003)Aero (2004)Sublime Mix (2006)The Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre (2006)Téo And Téa (2007)

Live Albums: The Concerts In China (1982)In Concert Houston - Lyon (1987)Destination Docklands (1989)Paris La Defense (1990)Hong Kong (1995)Aero In Denmark (2004)

Compilation Albums: The Essential (1985)Images - The Best Of (1991)

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