Indukti:Cold Inside... I Lyrics

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This song is performed by Indukti and appears on the album S.U.S.A.R. (2004).
awaken on dreamy plains
with time on my hands
remembering better nights
darkness slowly fades
the sunshine was warm and bright
now its face has weakened
I had a flame in my eyes
now I'm cold inside and weak

we promise we wouldn't lose this time
but we both know we can fail
afraid to tread the swaying bridge of lies
we can


black weeds cover dreamy plains
lost my aim, lost it all
all signs of life fade to grey
and my hopes, they just can't unfold,
can't unfold
temptations grow strong again
I just want to let go

we promise we would not lose this time
but we both know we can fail
afraid and blindfolded in the night
we can


remembering better nights
everything fades to grey
darkness slowly fades
blindfolded in the night
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