House Of Fools:Until It's Over Lyrics

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House Of Fools
This song is performed by House Of Fools.
She sits and she waits for the one that she loves to come for her.
To take her out, get her out of that house
Where her demons lie down before her.

I heard that she says she's better off dead than with someone else.
And she'll find, yeah she'll find no greater love.

In the morning he waits up to find his way to forget her.
Too worried to rhyme, too fucked up to fight.
Too afraid what's to come in the future
Despite what she says, he's there every single chance he gets
And he doesn't, no he doesn't wanna be like them.

And it's so hard for them to see each other now that it's all said and done
You never know how mcuh you love a person until that day they're gone,
But it's not over til it's over.
Over til it's over.


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