Herman's Hermits:Both Sides Of Herman's Hermits (1966)

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Herman's Hermits
Herman's Hermits - Both Sides Of Herman's Hermits
UK release
  1. This Door Swings Both Ways
  2. Bus Stop
  3. For Love
  4. L'Autre Jour
  5. Dial My Number
  6. The Future Mrs. 'Awkins
  7. Oh Mr. Porter
  8. The Man with the Cigar
  9. Two Lovely Black Eyes
  10. My Reservation's Been Confirmed
  11. My Old Dutch
UK release
  1. Little Boy Sad
  2. The Story of My Life
  3. My Reservation's Been Confirmed
  4. Bus Stop
  5. For Love
  6. Where Were You When I Needed You
  7. All the Things I Do for You Baby
  8. Leaning on the Lamp Post
  9. Dial My Number
  10. Oo-Ee Baby
  11. L'Autre Jour
  12. Listen People
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