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Breaking God's Heart (1998)Edit

Hefner - Breaking God's Heart
Breaking God's Heart
  1. The Sweetness Lies Within
  2. The Sad Witch
  3. A Hymn For The Postal Service
  4. Love Will Destroy Us In The End
  5. The Librarian
  6. God Is On My Side
  7. Another Better Friend
  8. Love Inside The Stud Farm
  9. Tactile
  10. Eloping

The Fidelity Wars (1999)Edit

Hefner - The Fidelity Wars
The Fidelity Wars
  1. The Hymn For The Cigarettes
  2. May God Protect Your Home
  3. The Hymn For The Alcohol
  4. I Took Her Love For Granted
  5. Every Little Gesture
  6. The Weight Of The Stars
  7. I Stole A Bride
  8. We Were Meant To Be
  9. Fat Kelly's Teeth
  10. Don't Flake Out On Me
  11. I Love Only You

We Love The City (2000)Edit

Hefner - We Love The City
We Love The City
  1. We Love the City
  2. The Greedy Ugly People
  3. Good Fruit
  4. Painting and Kissing
  5. Hold Me Closer
  6. Don't Go
  7. The Greater London Radio
  8. As Soon As You're Ready
  9. She Can't Sleep No More
  10. The Cure For Evil
  11. The Day That Thatcher Dies
  12. Your Head To Your Toes

Boxing Hefner (2000)Edit

Hefner - Boxing Hefner
Boxing Hefner
  1. Christian Girls
  2. Lee Remick
  3. Pull Yourself Together
  4. Blind Girl With Halo
  5. Hello Kitten
  6. Destroyed Cowboy Falls
  7. A Hymn For The Coffee
  8. Mary Lee
  9. The Hymn For The Things We Didn't Do
  10. To Hide A Little Thought
  11. The Science Fiction
  12. Twisting Mary's Arm

Dead Media (2001)Edit

Hefner - Dead Media
Dead Media
  1. Dead Media
  2. Trouble Kid
  3. Junk
  4. When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines
  5. Union Chapel Day
  6. China Crisis
  7. Alan Bean
  8. Peppermint Taste
  9. The Mangle
  10. The King Of Summer
  11. The Nights Are Long
  12. Treacle
  13. Half A Life
  14. Waking Up To You
  15. Home

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Belly Full Of Babies
  2. A Better Man
  3. Broodmare
  4. Charlie Girl
  5. Christ
  6. Cure For Evil
  7. Everything's Falling Apart
  8. Flowers
  9. Girl From The Coast
  10. Grandmother Dies
  11. Greater London Radio
  12. Greedy Ugly People
  13. Horror Show
  14. Hymn For Berlin
  15. Hymn For The Cigarettes
  16. Hymn For The Telephones
  17. I Will Make Her Love Me
  18. It Breaks My Heart
  19. Jubilee
  20. Just Take Care
  21. Karen
  22. Kate Cleaver's House
  23. Lisa And Me
  24. Milkmaids
  25. More Christian Girls
  26. My Art College Days Are Over
  27. Normal Molly
  28. Schoolgirl's Knees
  29. Seafaring
  30. Smoking Girlfriend
  31. The Fear
  32. The Heart Of Portland, Oregon
  33. The Hymn For Thomas Courtney Warner
  34. Unwell
  35. We Don't Care What They Say About Us
  36. Wicker Girl
  37. You've Been Prayed For

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