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Dreaming Awake (2003)Edit

Harmony - Dreaming Awake
Dreaming Awake
  1. Into the Afterlife
  2. Eternity
  3. Dreaming Awake
  4. Fragile
  5. Without You
  6. The Fall
  7. Fall of Man
  8. When Shadows Fall
  9. Maze of the Past
  10. She
  11. Remember

Chapter II: Aftermath (2008)Edit

Harmony - Chapter II- Aftermath
Chapter II- Aftermath
  1. Prevail
  2. Aftermath
  3. Rain
  4. Don't Turn Away
  5. Kingdom
  6. Silently We Fade
  7. Inner Peace
  8. Weak
  9. I Run
  10. Hollow Faces
  11. End of My Road

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Anything To Get To You
  2. Cannot Let You Slip Away
  3. Do You Really
  4. I Don't Need You Anymore
  5. I Miss The Past
  6. I'm Still Missing You
  7. In The Heat Of The Moment
  8. Living My Life On My Own
  9. My Love Remains
  10. No Matter What ... (My Heart Belongs To You)
  11. Nothing I Can Do
  12. Nothing Remains The Same
  13. Peculiar Vision
  14. Take Me Away
  15. The Anthem
  16. Totally In Love With You
  17. Why Me
  18. You Stole My Heart

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