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Start Back at Start (2003)Edit

Halifax - Start Back at Start
Start Back at Start
  1. Our Last Dance
  2. Name Your Price
  3. Ten Fingers Isn't Quite Enough
  4. Finished In A Day
  5. Here I Am
  6. Shootout
  7. Tuesday's Waiting
  8. Call All Your Reserves
  9. It's Late, I'm Up
  10. Cat's Game Ending
  11. C.H.A.O.S.

A Writer's Reference EP (2004)Edit

Halifax - A Writer's Reference EP
A Writer's Reference EP
  1. Sydney
  2. A Writer's Reference
  3. I Hate Your Eyes
  4. Broken Glass Syndrome
  5. The Next Two Weeks
  6. Scarlet Letter Part 2

The Inevitability Of A Strange World (2006)Edit

Halifax - The Inevitability of a Strange World
The Inevitability of a Strange World
  1. Nightmare
  2. Our Revolution
  3. Under Fire
  4. Anthem For Tonight
  5. Hey Italy
  6. Snow In Hollywood
  7. Such A Terrible Trend
  8. Better Than Sex
  9. Giant In The Ring
  10. Promise Me Tragedy
  11. A Tint Of Rain
  12. I Told You So
  13. Murder I Wrote
  14. Obsession

Other SongsEdit

  1. Perfect Life

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