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This song is performed by H.E.A.T and appears on the as bonus track on the Japanese release of Freedom Rock (2010).
Reaching out feeling down yeah
Im searching for you tonight
You´re out of sight

Feeling lost you where gone
Should have cherish the love you gave i know today
Standing on the edge of the night
Running around in circles wanna go back in time

(we had it all just for a moment)
I cant stop thinking about you
(we came to far to lose it all)
And now im living in a memory

We had our fights i broke every rule
But acting like i dident know that i was the fool
You were right i was wrong girl i wanted to be much more
I was insecure

Don’t want to be caught in the past im holding on to a dream
Baby let me prove that i can
I swore on my pride i will be a new better man

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