Graham Parker & The Rumour:Squeezing Out Sparks (1979)

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Graham Parker & The Rumour
  1. Discovering Japan
  2. Local Girls
  3. Nobody Hurts You
  4. You Can't Be Too Strong
  5. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
  6. Saturday Nite Is Dead
  7. Love Gets You Twisted
  8. Protection
  9. Waiting for the UFO's
  10. Don't Get Excited
Bonus tracks on 2001 reissue
  1. Mercury Poisoning (live)
  2. I Want You Back (Alive)
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EPs: The Pink Parker (1977)

Compilations: Squeezing Out Sparks + Live Sparks (1996)

Live releases: Live at Marble Arch (1976)The Parkerilla (1978)Live Sparks (1979)Live on the Test (1994)

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