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Alphabetical Track List Edit

  1. American Beauty
  2. An American Family
  3. The Oak Ridge Boys:Back Home Again
  4. Bad Case Of Missing You
  5. Beautiful Bluebird
  6. Beautiful You
  7. Because He Lives
  8. The Oak Ridge Boys:Blow My House Down
  9. Christmas Is Paintin' The Town
  10. Closer To Home
  11. Cryin' Again
  12. Did I Make A Difference
  13. Everyday
  14. The Oak Ridge Boys:Farther Along
  15. From Love To Love
  16. Hold You In My Arms
  17. The Oak Ridge Boys:I Get To
  18. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  19. I Know
  20. The Oak Ridge Boys:I Love You So Much It Hurts
  21. I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head
  22. The Oak Ridge Boys:If We Ever Needed The Lord Before We Sure Do Need Him Now
  23. The Oak Ridge Boys:In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'
  24. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  25. Jesus Is The Man For The Hour
  26. Jonah, Job & Moses
  27. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  28. The Oak Ridge Boys:Lead Me To That Rock
  29. The Oak Ridge Boys:Led Out Of Bondage
  30. The Oak Ridge Boys:Little Things
  31. Live With Jesus
  32. Love Song
  33. The Oak Ridge Boys:Loves Me Like A Rock
  34. Mama's Table
  35. Mary Christmas
  36. Mrs. Santa Claus
  37. No Matter How High
  38. Ozark Mountain Jubilee
  39. The Oak Ridge Boys:Remind Me, Dear Lord
  40. The Oak Ridge Boys:River Of Jordan
  41. The Oak Ridge Boys:Seven Nation Army
  42. The Oak Ridge Boys:Standing In The Need Of Prayer
  43. The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
  44. This Crazy Love
  45. The Oak Ridge Boys:Touch A Hand, Make A Friend
  46. The Oak Ridge Boys:Troublin' Mind
  47. The Oak Ridge Boys:True Heart
  48. The Oak Ridge Boys:Where The Soul Never Dies
  49. The Oak Ridge Boys:Why Me

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