Galahad:Year Zero (2002)

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Album by Galahad.
  1. Year Zeroverture
  2. Belt Up
  3. Ever The Optimist
  4. The Charlotte Suite
  5. Haunted
  6. Democracy
  7. Baroque And Roll Dementia
  8. A Deeper Understanding
  9. The Jazz Suite
  10. Take A Deep Breath And Hold On Tight
  11. Hindsight 1 - Piano And Clarinet
  12. Hindsight 2 - A Very Clever Guy Indeed
  13. The September Suite
  14. World Watching
  15. Deceptive Vistas / Postscript - Perspective
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Albums by Galahad

Studio Albums: Nothing Is Written (1991)In A Moment Of Complete Madness (1993)Sleepers (1995)Following Ghosts (1999)Year Zero (2002)Empires Never Last (2007)

Live Albums and Compilations: Other Crimes And Misdemeanours I (1992)Not All There (1994)Other Crimes And Misdemeanours II (1997)Other Crimes And Misdemeanours III (2001)Two Classic Rock Lives (2008)

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