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I Am Sinistar (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - I Am Sinistar
I Am Sinistar
  1. I Am Sinistar
  2. Crazy
  3. Kung-Fu Fighter (Remix)
  4. First Sight
  5. Hardcore Disco
  6. Heaven Above (Wikked Remix)
  7. Caramelldansen (Wikked Remix)
  8. 37 Dicks (Wikked Remix)
  9. Sleepy Eyes (Remix)
  10. Habs Tha Para
  11. Here is Your Score
  12. Master of Diagrams (Wikked Remix)
  13. Radioactive Rats
  14. High School Never Ends (Wikked Remix)
  15. Rareheroes (Wikked Remix)
  16. Into the Inferno (Wikked Remix)
  17. Hide and Seek (Wikked Remix)
  18. Ticking in My Head
  19. I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly (Wikked Remix)
  20. Cancer (Wikked Remix)
  21. Where'd You Go (Wikked Remix)
  22. Blender Style
  23. Last Track

Digital EP (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - Digital EP
Digital EP
  1. Lick My Plump Fox Nuts
  2. My Guardian
  3. I'm Alive
  4. The View From Above

Reach Out (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - Reach Out
Reach Out
  1. Reach Out

New Sound Come Back (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - New Sound Come Back
New Sound Come Back
  1. Love Me
  2. Honey
  3. Trance Sucks
  4. Loki at the Vanity Fair

Slam This Joint (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - Slam This Joint
Slam This Joint
  1. Slam This Joint

With Our Hands (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - With Our Hands
With Our Hands
  1. With Our Hands

Go! Go! Starman - Part I (2008)Edit

Furries In A Blender - Go! Go! Starman - Part I
Go! Go! Starman - Part I
  1. Eight Melodies
  2. Eight Hardcore Beats
  3. Saturn Panic
  4. Pollyanna
  5. Pollyanna Rocks My World
  6. Unstoppable Energy
  7. Get Serious
  8. I Feel...G...A...B...B...E...R...

Everything is Better in Color (2009)Edit

Furries In A Blender - Everything Is Better In Color
Everything is Better in Color
  1. Brightness
  2. Inner Child
  3. Stars on Grey
  4. It's a Dream
  5. Bad Cheetah
  6. Bang
  7. Eat This
  8. Throbulator
  9. White and Black
  10. X+Y
  11. Happy Pills!
  12. Valentine
  13. Neverlasting Happiness
  14. Naturally Stoned
  15. Last Moment on Earth

Storm Trax (2009)Edit

Furries In A Blender - Storm Trax
Storm Trax
  1. Storm World
  2. Guardian
  3. Don't Hold Back
  4. Never Knew
  5. Macro (FIAB Remix)
  6. Outta Here
  7. Sleepy Eyes (Original 09 Style)
  8. Now That You're Here

What Are You Inside (2009)Edit

Furries In A Blender - What Are You Inside
What Are You Inside
  1. What Are You Inside
  2. Kannonkore
  3. Woody Lake (Remix)
  4. Guardian (Remix)
  5. Your Brother
  6. Calls From Their Loved Ones
  7. Destructo Rocks The House
  8. The Spotlights Go Dark

The Best! The Best! (2009)Edit

The Best
The Best! The Best!
  1. John Freeman 2009 (featuring Jackal Queenston)
  2. Hardcore Disco
  3. Kung-Fu Fighter
  4. Reach Out
  5. Love Me
  6. Slam This Joint
  7. With Our Hands
  8. Crazy
  9. Trance Sucks
  10. Lick My Plump Fox Nuts
  11. Eight Hardcore Beats
  12. Heaven Above (Remix)
  13. Master of Diagrams (Remix)
  14. SR388
  15. Radioactive Rats
  16. Sleepy Eyes (Remix)
  17. Cancer (Remix)
  18. Burning Rome
  19. Atmos Break

Storm World (2009)Edit

Storm World
Storm World
  1. Waiting For The Night
  2. Storm World
  3. Expedition
  4. Guardian
  5. Your Brother
  6. Woody Lake (Remix)
  7. Don't Hold Back
  8. Kannonkore
  9. Calls From Their Loved Ones
  10. What Are You Inside?
  11. Guardian (Remix)

The Violet Kingdom (2010)Edit

Violet Kingdom
The Violet Kingdom
  1. Violet Kingdom
  2. Conquest
  3. The 68000 Heart on Fire
  4. Ridorii
  5. The View From Above
  6. I Ate All The Food (Remix)
  7. The Viper Flies Again
  8. Not Candy
  9. Our Special Place (FIAB Remix) by The Queenstons

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Emoticon is another name for Furries In A Blender.

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  1. Ken's Song
  2. Our Special Place

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