Flo Rida:R.O.O.T.S. (2009)

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Flo Rida
Album by Flo Rida.
  1. Finally Here
  2. Jump (featuring Nelly Furtado)
  3. Gotta Get It (Dancer)
  4. Shone (featuring Pleasure P)
  5. Right Round
  6. R.O.O.T.S.
  7. Be On You (featuring Ne-Yo)
  8. Mind On My Money
  9. Avaiable (featuring Akon)
  10. Touch Me
  11. Never
  12. Sugar (featuring Wynter)
  13. Rewind (featuring Wyclef Jean)
  14. Ha (featuring Brisco and 4 Mill) (iTunes bonus track)
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