Fireflight:You Gave Me A Promise Lyrics

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This song is performed by Fireflight.
The waves are crashing down on me
But I know that this cannot be the end, be the end...
Right now I feel like copping out
Will You hold me up, if I just say
That I will stay

I will hold on to this hope that I have
You gave me a promise
You gave me a promise
I'll push through this moment, I'll never give up
You gave me a promise
You gave me a promise

I'm so tired that I can't stand
But I know that time will heal this heart, heal this heart...
With every door that's slamming shut
A new one's there to lead me where You are

You, You call out to me
You're just out of reach
But I'm closing in
I'm still going, still believing in Your word

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