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Better Living Through Chemistry (1996)Edit

Fatboy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry
Better Living Through Chemistry
  1. Song For Lindy
  2. Santa Cruz
  3. Going Out Of My Head
  4. The Weekend Starts Here
  5. Everybody Needs A 303
  6. Give The Po' Man A Break
  7. 10th & Crenshaw
  8. First Down
  9. Punk To Funk
  10. The Sound Of Milwaukee
  11. Michael Jackson
  12. Next To Nothing

The Rockafeller Skank - Single (1998)Edit

Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
The Rockafeller Skank - Single
  1. The Rockafeller Skank (Short Edit)
  2. The Rockafeller Skank
  3. Always Read The Label
  4. Tweaker's Delight

You've Come A Long Way, Baby (1998)Edit

Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way, Baby
You've Come A Long Way, Baby
  1. Right Here, Right Now
  2. The Rockafeller Skank
  3. In Heaven
  4. Gangster Tripping
  5. Build It Up - Tear It Down
  6. Kalifornia
  7. Soul Surfing
  8. You're Not From Brighton
  9. Praise You
  10. Love Island
  11. Acid 8000
Additional tracks on the Japanese release:
  1. How Could They Hear Us

Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars (2000)Edit

Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
  1. Talking 'Bout My Baby
  2. Star 69
  3. Sunset (Bird of Prey)
  4. Love Life
  5. Ya Mama
  6. Mad Flava
  7. Retox
  8. Weapon of Choice
  9. Drop The Hate
  10. Demons
  11. Song For Shelter

Illuminati (2002)Edit

Fatboy Slim - Illuminati
  1. Illuminati
  2. Star 69 (Timo Maas mix)
  3. Song For Shelter (Pete Heller Stylus Style Long)
  4. Drop The Hate (Laid mix)
  5. Sunset (Darren Emerson mix)
  6. Demons (Stanton Warriors mix)

Camber Sands (2002)Edit

Fatboy Slim - Camber Sands
Camber Sands
  1. Camber Sands
  2. Drop The Hate (Santo's Napalm reprise)
  3. Song For Shelter (Chemical Brothers mix)
  4. Demons (Stanton Warriors Dub)
  5. Retox (Dave Clarke mix)
  6. Weapon Of Choice

The Pimp (2002)Edit

Fatboy Slim - The Pimp
The Pimp
  1. The Pimp
  2. Drop The Hate (Remixed By Rev. H. Lidbo & The Progressive Baptist Choir Of Stockholm)
  3. Star 69 (X-Press 2 Wine-em Dine-Em 69-em Supamix)
  4. Retox (Gettin Freqy With Fatboy)
  5. Song For Shelter (Pete Heller Beats And Pieces)
  6. Talkin' Bout My Baby (Midfield General Disco mix)

Palookaville (2004)Edit

Fatboy Slim - Palookaville
  1. Don't Let The Man Get You Down
  2. Slash Dot Dash
  3. Wonderful Night
  4. Long Way From Home
  5. Put It Back Together
  6. Mi Bebé Masoquista
  7. Push And Shove
  8. North West Three
  9. The Journey
  10. Jin Go Lo Ba
  11. Song For Chesh
  12. The Joker

Why Try Harder - The Greatest Hits (2006)Edit

Fatboy Slim - Why Try Harder - The Greatest Hits
Why Try Harder - The Greatest Hits
  1. The Rockafeller Skank
  2. Praise You
  3. Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) - Cornershop
  4. Weapon Of Choice
  5. Gangster Tripping
  6. I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix) - Groove Armada
  7. Wonderful Night
  8. Right Here, Right Now
  9. Going Out Of My Head
  10. Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
  11. Everybody Loves A Carnival
  12. Don't Let The Man Get You Down
  13. Demons
  14. Sho Nuff
  15. Slash Dot Dash
  16. Santa Cruz
  17. Champion Sound
  18. That Old Pair Of Jeans

Here Lies Love (2010)Edit

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love
Here Lies Love
  1. Here Lies Love
  2. Every Drop Of Rain
  3. You'll Be Taken Care Of
  4. The Rose Of Tacloban
  5. How Are You?
  6. A Perfect Hand
  7. Eleven Days
  8. When She Passed By
  9. Walk Like A Woman
  10. Don't You Agree?
  11. Pretty Face
  12. Ladies In Blue
  13. Dancing Together
  14. Men Will Do Anything
  15. The Whole Man
  16. Never So Big
  17. Please Don't
  18. American Troglodyte
  19. Solano Avenue
  20. Order 1081
  21. Seven Years
  22. Why Don't You Love Me?

Soundtracks & CompilationsEdit

  1. Because We Can from Moulin Rouge! (2001)
  2. Brimful Of Asha (Fatboy Slim Remix) by Cornershop from The Love Guru
  1. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix) on A Tribe Called Quest:The Anthology (1999)

Other SongsEdit

  1. 5 Reasons
  2. Badder Badder Schwing (Freddy Fresh)
  3. Body Movin' (Beastie Boys)
  4. Brimful Of Asha (Cornershop)
  5. Bushes (Markus Nikolai)
  6. Change Your Mind
  7. Come Home
  8. Don't Forget Your Teeth
  9. Drop The Hate - (Remixed By RevHLidbo And The Progressive Baptist Choir Of Stockholm)
  10. Dub Be Good To Me - Beats International
  11. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat
  12. E.V.A. (Jean Jacques Perry)
  13. Echo Chamber
  14. Eyes On The Prize
  15. Gangster Trippin
  16. Good Morning Britain (Aztec Camera)
  17. Gottaman
  18. Happiness
  19. Hello Honky Tonks
  20. How Could You Hear Us
  21. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix) - A Tribe Called Quest
  22. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
  23. I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer) (Fatboy Slim Remix) - Christopher Just
  24. I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer)
  25. It's Just Another Groove
  26. Jack It Up (DJ Delite)
  27. Jack It Up
  28. Just Height The Ball
  29. Keep On Trucking
  30. La La La (Tranquillity Bass)
  31. Let's Get Chinesse Eyes
  32. Lincoln Memorial
  33. Love Is Green
  34. Magic Carpet Ride (Fatboy Slim Latin Ska Acid Breakbeat) - Mighty Dub Katz
  35. Magic Carpet Ride
  36. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  37. Only When I'm Dancing Do I Feel This Disco
  38. Payback
  39. Psyché Rock
  40. Renegade Master (Wildchild)
  41. Renegade Master (fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix) - Wildchild
  42. Renegade Master
  43. Right Here, Righ Now
  44. Sex On The Streets (pizzaman Dub)
  45. Sex On The Streets
  46. So In Love With You (Duke)
  47. S­lash Dot Dash
  48. Ten Long Years
  49. That Green Jesus
  50. The Feeling
  51. The Sun Doesn't Shine
  52. The World Went Down
  53. Trippin' On Sunshine
  54. Weapon Of Choice - (Instrumental Version)

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