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Faith No More
This song is performed by Faith No More and appears on the album Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits (1998).
This song has been covered by The Donkey Punch under the title "The World Is Yours".
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Keep your distance
You're in the race (?)
Caress me
In your eye I've got better things to do
This will hurt someone
White walls, windows
Courage(?), defenders(?)
Comfort me and bring me something sharp
This will hurt someone - someone else
This will hurt someone else
Calm down, think carefully
Seen it all before
Mind your own fucking business
Seen it all before
What I would give for your eyes
Seen it all before
You'd never blink again
Seen it all before
Faces on top of more faces
This bullet in your chest, the world is yours
Each word, you suck it through a straw
It's so predictable, it's policy
This will hurt someone - someone else

Written by:

Faith No More

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