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Soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Arabian Nights by Bruce Adler
  2. Legend of the Lamp (score)
  3. One Jump Ahead by Caleb Kane
  4. Street Urchins (score)
  5. One Jump Ahead (Reprise) by Brad Kane
  6. Friend Like Me by Robin Williams
  7. To Be Free (score)
  8. Prince Ali by Robin Williams
  9. A Whole New World Brad Kane and Lea Salonga
  10. Jafar's Hour (score)
  11. Prince Ali (Reprise) by Jonathan Freeman
  12. The Ends of the Earth (score)
  13. The Kiss (score)
  14. On a Dark Night (score)
  15. Jasmine Runs Away (score)
  16. Market Place (score)
  17. The Cave of Wonders (score)
  18. Aladdin's Word (score)
  19. The Battle (score)
  20. Happy End in Agrabah
  21. A Whole New World (End Credits) by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle

2004 Special Edition

  1. Proud of Your Boy (Demo)
  2. High Adventure (Demo)

Music by:

Alan Menken Wikipedia16

Lyrics by:

Tim Rice Wikipedia16, Howard Ashman Wikipedia16

Released by:



Language versions:

This album has been released in several languages:

Other SongsEdit

  1. Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim
  2. Jafar
  3. My Love Is Not A Game
  4. Nothing Like A Friend
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