Diddy:Press Play (2006)

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Album by Diddy.
  1. Testimonial
  2. We Gon' Make It (Featuring Jack Night)
  3. I Am
  4. The Future
  5. Hold Up (Featuring Angela Hunte)
  6. Come To Me
  7. Tell Me (Featuring Christina Aguilera)
  8. Wanna Move
  9. Diddy Rock
  10. Claim My Place
  11. Everything I Love
  12. Special Feeling (Featuring Mika Lett)
  13. Crazy Thang
  14. After Love (Featuring Keri)
  15. Through The Pain
  16. Trought You Said (Featuring Brandy)
  17. Last Night (Featuring Keyshia Cole)
  18. Making It Hard
  19. Partners for Life (Featuring Jamie Foxx)
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