Deuce:Nine Lives (2012)

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Album by Deuce.
  1. Let's Get It Crackin (featuring Jeffree Star)
  2. Help Me
  3. America
  4. I Came To Party (featuring Travie McCoy)
  5. The One
  6. Freaky Now (featuring Jeffree Star)
  7. Nobody Likes Me
  8. Walk Alone
  9. 'Till I Drop
  10. Gravestone
  11. Now You See My Life (featuring Skee-Lo)
American iTunes Bonus Track:
  1. Walk the Walk
European Exclusive tracks:
  1. Don't Speak Bitch
F.Y.E. Exclusive tracks:
  1. Hollyhood Vacation
Japan Exclusive tracks:
  1. Set It Off
Best Buy Exclusive tracks:
  1. Deuce Dot Com
  2. Don't Approach Me
Canadian iTunes:
  1. Deuce Dot Com
  2. Don't Approach Me
  3. Walk the Walk
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