Daz Dillinger:Gangsta Crunk (2005)

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Daz Dillinger
Album by Daz Dillinger.
  1. Intro (Penitentiary Chances)
  2. Now Dat's Gangsta
  3. It All Goes Down
  4. We Mean Bizniz
  5. Put'n' It Down (SKit)
  6. We Gon' Show U
  7. I'm Lookin' For Dat Gangsta Bitch
  8. Can I Bounce That
  9. Bigg O' Butt
  10. Tow Up From Tha Flo' Up
  11. Run Up & Git Dun Up
  12. It's Tyme To Ride On 'Em
  13. A License To Kill
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