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Singing Songs by David McWilliams (1967)Edit

David McWilliams - Singing Songs by David McWilliams
Singing Songs by David McWilliams
  1. God And Country
  2. Redundancy Blues
  3. The Silence Is Shattered
  4. Hiroshima
  5. Question Of Identity
  6. Time Of Trouble
  7. Echo Of My Heart
  8. In The Early Hours Of The Morning
  9. I'll Be Home
  10. Leaves That Fall
  11. Twilight
  12. Hey, Sally Sally
  13. Reaching For The Sun
  14. Sheelo Gone So Long
  15. Midnight Sun
  16. Pretty Bird

David McWilliams (1967)Edit

David McWilliams - David McWilliams, Vol. 2
David McWilliams
  1. The Days of Pearly Spencer
  2. Can I Get There By Candlelight
  3. For Josephine
  4. How Can I Be Free
  5. Marlena
  6. For A Little Girl
  7. Who Killed Ezra Brmay
  8. Lady Helen of the Laughing Eyes
  9. Time Will Not Wait
  10. What's The Matter With Me
  11. There's No Lock Upon My Door

Don't Do It For Love (1978)Edit

David McWilliams - Don't Do It For Love
Don't Do It For Love
  1. Don't Do It For Love
  2. Just Like Strangers
  3. Sweet Songs Baby
  4. I Will Rock You
  5. Don't Be Afraid Of The Rain
  6. Carry Me Home
  7. You'll Be Mine Tonight
  8. Lady Midnight
  9. Drink Talkin'
  10. Farewell To Harlem
  11. Fat Man
  12. Sweetheart Of The Rodeo

When I Was A Dancer (1979)Edit

David McWilliams - When I Was A Dancer
When I Was A Dancer
  1. Overture Candlelight
  2. Dusty Bluebells
  3. Laugh At The Clown
  4. Slip Slidin' Away
  5. Alone
  6. When I Was A Dancer
  7. Circles
  8. Are You Lonely ?
  9. Dream Street Rose
  10. Come On

Wounded (1981)Edit

David McWilliams - Wounded
  1. Wounded
  2. Can You Hear Me ?
  3. Don't Make Promises
  4. We Can Fly
  5. Electricity
  6. Wolfman's Coming
  7. Every Time
  8. Black Velvet
  9. Rosalinda's Arms
  10. Blue Boy
  11. Pilgrim

Working For The Government (1987)Edit

David McWilliams - Working For The Government
Working For The Government
  1. Working For The Government
  2. The Days Of Pearly Spencer
  3. He'll Never Make The Big Time Now
  4. Hold Back The Night
  5. Peggy Sue Got Married
  6. I Don't Know
  7. Sometime Love
  8. Landlord, Landlord
  9. Learning The Game
  10. It All Comes Down To You
  11. Friday Night
  12. You Don't Have To Worry About Me

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