DMX:It's Dark And Hell Is Hot (1998)

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Album by DMX.
  1. Intro
  2. Ruff Ryders' Anthem
  3. Fuckin' Wit' D
  4. The Storm (Skit)
  5. Look Thru My Eyes
  6. Get At Me Dog (featuring Sheek Louch)
  7. Let Me Fly
  8. X-Is Coming
  9. Damien
  10. How's It Goin' Down (featuring Faith Evans)
  11. Mickey
  12. Crime Story
  13. Stop Being Greedy
  14. ATF
  15. For My Dogs (featuring Kasino, Big Stan, Drag-On and Loose Cannon)
  16. I Can Feel It
  17. Prayer (Skit)
  18. The Convo
  19. Niggaz Done Started Something (featuring Mase and The LOX)
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