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This Time (2007)Edit

DJ Antoine - This Time
This Time
  1. This Time (Klaas UK Radio Edit)
  2. This Time (Klaas Remix)
  3. This Time (Klaas Dub Mix)
  4. This Time (DJ Vini Dyagilev Remix)
  5. This Time (Heavyfeet Remix)
  6. This Time (DJ Antoine vs MadMark Club Mix)

Welcome to DJ Antoine (2011)Edit

DJ Antoine - Welcome To DJ Antoine
Welcome To DJ Antoine

Sky Is the Limit (2013)Edit

DJ Antoine - Sky Is the Limit
Sky Is the Limit

Disc 1Edit

  1. Sky is the Limit (vs Mad Mark)
  2. Crazy World (vs Mad Mark)
  3. Perfect Day (vs Mad Mark) (featuring B-Case and Shontelle)
  4. Hello Romance
  5. Bella Vita
  6. Children of the Night (We Are) (with Morandi)
  7. Meet Me In Paris (vs Mad Mark)
  8. Give It Up For Love (with Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest) (featuring U-Jean)
  9. My Corazon
  10. House Party (featuring B-Case and U-Jean)
  11. To the People (featuring fii)
  12. Keep on Dancing (featuring Jade Novah)
  13. Everlasting Love
  14. Now or Never (with Christian Marchi)
  15. Something in the Air
  16. We Will Never Grow Old
  17. On Top of the World (featuring B-Case, Nick McCord and Joey Moe)
  18. Welcome To My Home (featuring The One)
  19. Already There
  20. You and Me (featuring B-Case and U-Jean)

Disc 2Edit

  1. Pop It Up (vs Mad Mark) (featuring Juiseppe)
  2. Festival Killer (with Flame Makers)
  3. Beautiful Liar (Album Version) (featuring Nick McCord)
  4. Paralyzed (with Syke'N'Sugarstarr) (featuring Destineak)
  5. Without You (with Flame Makers) (featuring Ladina Spence)
  6. Love Song (with Flame Makers)
  7. It's Like Insomia (with Flame Makers) (featuring Jojo B)
  8. Paradise (featuring Kalenna)
  9. Girls 4x (with Flame Makers)
  10. Firelight (vs Mad Mark with Flame Makers)
  11. All I Live For (vs Mad Mark with Flame Makers)
  12. These Boots
  13. Like a Hurricane (with Flame Makers) (featuring Max Barskih)
  14. You're Ma Chérie (featuring Pitbull)
  15. Beautiful Liar (Original Mix) (featuring Nick McCord)
  16. Es werde Nacht (featuring Hellmut)

Disc 3 (DJ-Mix)Edit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Amanama
  2. Arabian Adventure 3
  3. Broadway
  4. Megamix
  5. Stop!(Swiss radio mix)
  6. Stop!
  7. Shake 3x

Songs featuring DJ AntoineEdit

  1. I'm On You by Timati
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