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To the Gory End (1990)Edit

Cancer - To the Gory End
To the Gory End
  1. Blood Bath
  2. C.F.C. (Cancer Fucking Cancer)
  3. Witch Hunt
  4. Into the Acid
  5. Imminent Catastrophe
  6. To the Gory End
  7. Body Count
  8. Sentenced (To The Gallows)
  9. Die Die

Death Shall Rise (1991)Edit

Cancer - Death Shall Rise
Death Shall Rise
  1. Hung, Drawn, And Quartered
  2. Tasteless Incest
  3. Burning Casket
  4. Death Shall Rise
  5. Back From The Dead
  6. Gruesome Tasks
  7. Corpse Fire
  8. Internal Decay

The Sins of Mankind (1993)Edit

Cancer - The Sins of Mankind
The Sins of Mankind
  1. Cloak of Darkness
  2. Electro-Convulsive Therapy
  3. Patchwork Destiny
  4. Meat Train
  5. Suffer for Our Sins
  6. Pasture of Delight / At the End
  7. Tribal Bloodshed, Part I: The Conquest
  8. Tribal Bloodshed, Part II: Under the Flag

Black Faith (1995)Edit

Cancer - Black Faith
Black Faith
  1. Ants (Nemesis Ride)
  2. Who Do You Think You Are
  3. Face To Face
  4. Without Cause
  5. White Desire
  6. Kill Date
  7. Temple Song
  8. Black Faith
  9. Highest Orders
  10. Space Truckin'
  11. I Save Me From Myself

Other SongsEdit

  1. Electro - Convulsive Therapy
  2. Witchhunt

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