Can:Flow Motion (1976)

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Album by Can.
  1. I Want More
  2. Cascade Waltz
  3. Laugh Till You Cry, Live Till You Die
  4. ...And More
  5. Babylonian Pearl
  6. Smoke (EFS No. 59) (instrumental)
  7. Flow Motion


  • Holger Czukay Wikipedia16 – bass, djin on "Smoke", backing vocals on "I Want More", "…And More" and "Smoke"
  • Michael Karoli Wikipedia16 – guitars, slide guitar, electric violin on "Cascade Waltz", bağlama Wikipedia16 on "Laugh Until You Cry", background noise on "Smoke", lead vocals on "Cascade Waltz" and "Laugh Until You Cry", backing vocals on "I Want More", "…And More" and "Flow Motion"
  • Jaki Liebezeit Wikipedia16 – drums, percussion, backing vocals on "I Want More", "…And More"
  • Irmin Schmidt Wikipedia16 – keyboard, Alpha 77, lead vocals on "Babylonian Pearl", backing vocals on "I Want More" and "…And More"
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