Caliban:Vent (2001)

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Album by Caliban.
  1. Entrance
  2. Fire Of Night
  3. Love Taken Away
  4. In The Eye Of The Storm
  5. About Time And Decisions
  6. Roots Of Pain
  7. Happiness In Slavery
  8. Tyranny Of Small Misery
  9. For
  10. My Last Beauty
  11. New Kind Of Freedom
  12. Sycamore Dreams
  13. Erase The Enemy
  14. Exit
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Albums by Caliban

Studio albums: A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven (1999)Vent (2001)Shadow Hearts (2003)The Opposite from Within (2004)The Undying Darkness (2006)The Awakening (2007)Say Hello to Tragedy (2009)I Am Nemesis (2012)Ghost Empire (2014)

EPs: Caliban (1998)Coverfield (2011)

Demos: Advance Tape (1999)

Split albums: The Split Program (2000) (with Heaven Shall Burn)The Split Program II (2005) (with Heaven Shall Burn)

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