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Burton Cummings
This song is performed by Burton Cummings and appears on the album My Own Way To Rock (1977) and on the album The Burton Cummings Collection (1994).
She got a red dress
Kickin' up pretty heels
She was playin' the money game
Givin' those men a thrill
Spendin' nights in Sin City
Wearin' all the upper class women down
But she did not, no she could not
Change her name to Jezebel
Never once did she try
No, no, no, she couldn't change her name to Jezebel

I got an army
Then I gave them spears
Then I siezed the power
And I went around for a hundred years
I was doin' alright
Taking what I need and what I wantede to
But I did not, and I could not
Change my name to Charlemagne
Never once did I try
No, no, no I didn't change my name to Charlemagne
No way!

Sailin' off past Jupiter
Venus and my skies
Then I'm headin' back for the water
It's comin' as no surprise
That I'm doin' alright
They're even gonna check my fingerprints
But I was not and I never could be
Never could be no astronaut
Never once did I try
No, no, no I never could be no astronaut
And I did not and I could not
Change my name to Charlemagne

Music by:

Burton Cummings

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