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Bryan Greenberg
This song is performed by Bryan Greenberg.
It's the biggest storm in years they say.
Couldn't take a plane so I hopped a train
I'd like to stay, in a stormy winters day
so I'll come back to you someday

As the states rolled by
its all so clear
I'm everywhere but never right here
It's always the same
constant change.
But I'll come back to you someday

So close so far
so long the world
spin me away

I drive all night just to see your face
The way you touch the way you taste
Even if only for a day
I'll come back to you someday

I speak the truth its all i know
As your tears fall to the snow
and we both know
That tonight I can't say that I'll come back to you someday

Chorus x2

Ahhhhey spin me away
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