Bobby Brown:I Want You, I Need You Lyrics

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Bobby Brown
This song is performed by Bobby Brown.
(Verse 1)
I know for sure that you will never change, oh-oh-ooh
Why I continue to love you
The answer remains the same, oh-oh-ooh

Why do I, do I cry
When I know... nothing will change
But if I, keep holding on
Then maybe, you'll see, that I...

I do want you, I do need you
I do want you, I do need you

(Verse 2)
Deep in my hear-ar-ar-ar-art
I feel that you really do care-are-are, ooh
Is it true what they say?
That our actions speak louder than words
And yours just isn't there, oh oh-oh-ooh

(Saxophone solo)
(Chorus) to fade...

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