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This song is performed by Bizarre and appears on the album Hannicap Circus (2005).
{tv static}
Let's see what's on this.. late night.. action!
This shit...
{moaning starts}
Goddamn! What the fuck?
Bitch ridin the fuck out that nigga, shit..
Goddamn, look at the ass on this motherfucker, man!
Goddamn, she ridin the fuck outta him..

(CHORUS) (quiet)
Ever since I was a young boy
I would fall for women like you
Even now that I'm a grown man
I'm still in love with the tricks that you can do
I used to really think it's nasty
But I see it from a different kinda view
Some of em need to take some lessons
And learn how to fuck like porno bitches too


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