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Khelpcenter Bill Nye hosted a show titled Bill Nye the Science Guy. The following songs he did not record, but were featured on his show. For lyrics to his theme song, see here.

Season OneEdit

  1. Smells Like Air Pressure
  2. Crust
  3. Mr. Dino
  4. Bill's Got Boat
  5. G-R-A-V-I-T-Y
  6. Can't Eat This
  7. Solid Liquid Gas
  8. We're All Connected
  9. ABC's of Machinery
  10. Moon Cycle
  11. Sound is a Vibe
  12. R-E-C-Y-C-L-E
  13. Let's Talk About Stress
  14. Rhyme and Season
  15. Light and Colour
  16. Cellular Haze
  17. AC/DC Charge
  18. Celestial Hotel
  19. Two Eyes
  20. Opposites Attract
  21. The Wind Is In Your Hair
  22. Blood Stream
  23. Don't Try This At Home
  24. Static Electricity
  25. It's The Food Web

Season TwoEdit

  1. B.E.N.T.
  2. Bones In My Body
  3. Deep Ocean Currents
  4. Le Heat
  5. Jah Mon Insects Rule
  6. Balance This
  7. My Favorite Star
  8. Whatta Brain
  9. Second Growth
  10. How Can We Communicate?
  11. The Faster You Push Me
  12. Fresh Aire
  13. What A Pair

Season ThreeEdit

  1. Pressure
  2. Cross-Pollination
  3. Rocks Rock Harder
  4. N-R-G
  5. Survival
  6. Water Cycle Jump
  7. Friction Happens
  8. Just Wash Your Hands
  9. Whether The Weather
  10. Baby I Love Your Wave
  11. Power To The Plankton
  12. Jennifer's A Mammal
  13. Spin Around
  14. I'm A Sole Man
  15. Move Groove
  16. Where The Land Is Wet
  17. Talkin' Bout Birds
  18. All We Need To Do
  19. Loco Motion

Season FourEdit

  1. Take Me To The River
  2. Good Food
  3. Breathe Like Me
  4. Earthquake Rumble
  5. Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme (performed by Mudhoney)
  6. This Is A Spider's Life
  7. 50 Fifty
  8. Pure Proof
  9. So Many Flowers
  10. Diggin'
  11. Always Dry
  12. The Amphidelic Mothership Metamorphosis
  13. Lavaflows
  14. Crawlaway
  15. Gimme Back My Heart
  16. It's An 'Ing Thing
  17. One Zero 001
  18. Fossil Man
  19. Time Time Time Time Time

Season FiveEdit

  1. We Will Find You
  2. Planets All
  3. It's Called Genetics
  4. Makin' Plans
  5. Farm Food
  6. Everything Has A Life Cycle
  7. Do It Yourself Science
  8. Atoms In My Life
  9. Voyage Of The Aquanauts
  10. Fond of the Lakes and Ponds
  11. Come On Use Your Brain (Smell This)
  12. Cave Thing
  13. Drip It
  14. Causing The Erosion
  15. Got Me Looking
  16. Stormin'
  17. Every Measurement You Make
  18. Patterns of Joy
  19. There's Science In Music (Oh Yeah)
  20. All In Motion
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