Bill Nelson:Wah-Wah Galaxy (2004)

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Bill Nelson
Album by Bill Nelson.
  1. Wah-Wah Galaxy No. 1
  2. Bridge Across The Void
  3. After Midnite (Twang, Echo, And Hoedown)
  4. The Six Coiled Serpent
  5. Confessions Of A Psychedelic Dandy
  6. Skylark's Rise
  7. Blue Sparks Flying
  8. Nothing Is The New Something
  9. Old Weirdola
  10. The Orson Welles Memorial Sleighride
  11. My Sputnik Sweetheart
  12. Rattlin' Trams
  13. Trip Thang
  14. Pure Joy
  15. Duane's Dream
  16. De Soto
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