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Tunes Nextdoor to Songs (2004)Edit

Bear In Heaven - Tunes Nextdoor To Songs
Tunes Nextdoor to Songs
  1. My Chair
  2. Reserve This Song
  3. Falling Star
  4. The Nature of Reality

Red Bloom of the Boom (2007)Edit

Bear In Heaven - Red Bloom Of The Boom
Red Bloom of the Boom
  1. Bag of Bags
  2. Slow Gold
  3. Werewolf
  4. Arm's Length
  5. Fraternal Noon
  6. Shining and Free
  7. For Beauty

Beast Rest Forth Mouth (2009)Edit

Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth
Beast Rest Forth Mouth
  1. Beast in Peace
  2. Wholehearted Mess
  3. You Do You
  4. Lovesick Teenagers
  5. Ultimate Satisfaction
  6. Dust Cloud
  7. Drug a Wheel
  8. Deafening Love
  9. Fake Out
  10. Casual Goodbye

Time is Over One Day Old (2014)Edit

  1. Autumn

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