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This song is performed by Ashok.
I used to listen to him sitting on my shoulder.
But he's losing my affection, I've fallen for another
He made me do some bad things but you make me do the worst
He's been around for centuries, but you were still the first
He may have fire and brimstone, all the power in the world
But I'm not trying to impress him now that I'm your girl.
He says he wants me back and I don't know what to do
'Cos I don't need the devil now that I've got you.

He has so many tricks but next to you he looks the fool.
And it's no longer for him that I keep on breaking rules
When he told me to take one, you tell me to take four.
When he said smash the window, you say: break down the door!
He sent me pearls and roses, a diamond necklace too.
But I don't need the devil now that I got you

We don't need the devil now, we've got each other.
We don't need the storm when we're making our own thunder.
Now we don't need The Reaper, we're already six feet under!

You can pull the trigger and I will load the gun
You can tie the knot and I'll make sure that your hung
If you can find the pills, I will make that bed.
Because I don't need the devil, I've got you instead!

If you can pull the trigger, I will load the gun
You can tie the knot and I'll make sure that your hung
If you can find the pills, I will make that bed.
Because I don't need the devil, I've got you instead...!

I'm different now
That I was when he was about.
I don't know how,
but something was lost or damaged at lights out.
Something went
It vanished
And was never replaced.
Something bent or broke,
And now there's nothing but space,
Something changed about me,
Something crucial
Not my name,
It was something useful.
Fuck the games!
Tell me,
Was it something beautiful,
The dutiful brotherly aspect that was torn
Away out the funeral?
I fell halved.
I can't explain it.
At first I laughed so hard
It locked the pain in
As rain swept
In tandem with the concept of prophetic fallacy,
I tried to put into context the extent of the tragedy.

Nothing was happening
I guess I was panicking,
To get with the plan again.
Nothing was rubbing in
I had to stop fumbling,
Because there's nothing but trouble in
Rummaging for the truth,
When there's nothing more pummelling that the proof,
That something as powerful as the 'two',
Could be so easily damaged or even reduced!
So where's this leave you now?
You're not alone
But you're not the same.
And that's the difference in a daily way.
Past the trivia lies the main meal,
That even a myriad of counterpoints couldn't help reveal;
I think in some weird way
This could work out.
I'm smiling up, right?
And he's smiling back down...
But since I'm gravity bound I think
Fuck it!
I'm going to move on around
And not forget.

So fucking forget about it!
It's a different purpose, not a different outfit.
Look at me mouth in and then pronounce it,
he's my brother,
So fucking forget about it!
Welcome to neverland, my myopic elephant.
Where you remember benevolence can get you anything
So lucking up is irrelevant.

So fucking forget about it...

Trivia Edit

The song was at least once performed live by Florence + The Machine under the title "Pearls & Roses", including only the first verse and the chorus.

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