Anja Garbarek:Angel-A (2006)

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Anja Garbarek
Soundtrack by Anja Garbarek.
  1. Beyond My Control
  2. Can I Keep Him?
  3. It's Just a Game
  4. Thank You Franck
  5. Her Room
  6. André Running
  7. No Trace of Grey
  8. The Cabinet
  9. A. on Bridge
  10. Spin the Context
  11. It's Just a Game (Instrumental)
  12. Le corridor
  13. André Running
  14. Balloon Mood
  15. André face au miroir
  16. Crossroads by Eat
  17. Captivante by Radar
  18. Under Your Wings by Hiro My Hero & Soulfull
  19. Angel by Hiro My Hero & Soulfull
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