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The Northern Territories This song is performed by The Northern Territories.
Can somebody tell me what's going on?
What's that noise is something wrong?
I've got sand in my eyes
But there's snow on the ground
I'm spinning around
I feel so light, like I'm flying within
Still the pavement is cold against my skin
I think I'm drifting away
Though I would rather stay
But I guess that's not for me to decide
Back off and give me some space
There's nothing wrong with my face
I can hear up I've had enough
I don't like this crowd, it's so near
Don't leave me here

Let's ride you and I
In the midnight ambulance
We're together
In the midnight ambulance
It's getting dark again
But we're together
In the midnight ambulance
Your hands are cold as ice
Cold as ice
I'm not suicidal
Your hands are everywhere
Are you scared?
Don't be
We're in the midnight ambulance

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