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This song is performed by Anúna and appears on the album Anúna (1993).


Media vita in morte sumus
Quem quaerimus ad iutorem nisi te, Domine?
Qui pro peccatis nostris

Sancte Deus, sancte fortis
Sancte misericor salvator
Amare mortis ne tradas nos

In te speraverunt patres nostris
Speraverunt et liberasti eos

Chorus 2X

Media vita in morte sumus

English translationEdit

In the midst of life we are in death
What helper do we seek except you, oh Lord
You who for our sins

Holy God, holy and powerful
Oh holy compassionate savior
Do not give us over to the harshness of death

In you our fathers placed their hopes
They placed their hopes and you freed them

Chorus 2X

In the midst of life we are in death

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