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Laid Back (1973)Edit

Gregg Allman - Laid Back
Laid Back
  1. Midnight Rider
  2. Queen Of Hearts
  3. Please Call Home
  4. Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
  5. These Days
  6. Multi-Colored Lady
  7. All My Friends
  8. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Two the Hard Way (1977)Edit

Allman And Woman - Two the Hard Way
Two the Hard Way
  1. Move Me
  2. I Found You Love
  3. Can You Fool
  4. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
  5. We're Gonna Make It
  6. Do What You Gotta Do
  7. In For the Night
  8. Shadow Dream Song
  9. Island
  10. I Love Makin' Love to You
  11. Love Me

No Stranger To The Dark: The Best Of Gregg Allman (2002)Edit

Gregg Allman - No Stranger To The Dark - The Best Of Gregg Allman
No Stranger To The Dark: The Best Of Gregg Allman
  1. I'm No Angel
  2. Island
  3. Melissa (Live)
  4. Faces Without Names
  5. Evidence Of Love
  6. Demons
  7. Ocean Awash The Gunwale
  8. House Of Blues
  9. Before The Bullets Fly
  10. The Dark End Of The Street
  11. Slip Away
  12. I've Got News For You
  13. Brother To Brother
  14. These Days (Live)
  15. Hopelessly Miss You

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