All Star United:Tenderness Lyrics

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All Star United This song is performed by All Star United and appears on the album All Star United (1997).
Hush baby, don't cry
Just try to remember the time
When all your pitfalls and fears
Became mine
And we fall apart
Just one thing takes me back to the start

Put my heart to rest
Your tenderness
Hits me to the bone
When my head's a mess
Your tenderness
Keeps me coming home

Hush baby, don't cry
This rings in my head all the time
And still
I tend to forget your words
When I'm the swan in my full dive
Just one thing keeps me alive

Repeat Chorus

And so it seems to me
To all of us here
The answer is clear
That you need a little less stress
And some more tenderness

Repeat Chorus

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