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Agent Orange
This song is performed by Agent Orange and appears on the album Virtually Indestructible (1997).
it's like a form of addiction
it's a fear that i just can't hide
although it seems like a gift from god
it's a pain that i feel inside
i know i've got to move quickly
and i know i've got to do it right
always feeling reckless
always searching day and night

'cuz i just can't seem to get enough
i've tried - but it's just no use
i just can't seem to get enough
i've tried - but i just can't take any more abuse

let me tell you something
if i could, you know i'd sell my soul
every time i hear that sound
you know i lose all self control
sometimes i feel like a hero
doomed to die in a raging war
sometimes it seems like it's over
but i know there's got to be more

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