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Razoren (2009)Edit

Adraen - Razoren
  1. Sleep Tight
  2. Hostile
  3. Contact
  4. No More
  5. Party's Over
  6. Super Strike (featuring Kitsune²)
  7. Heartwarm

Your Roots Aren't Showing (2009)Edit

Adraen - Your Roots Aren't Showing
Your Roots Aren't Showing
  1. Lo Fi Rave Guy
  2. Gateway
  3. Alive Again (featuring Furries In A Blender)
  4. Father (featuring Renard)
  5. Your Roots Aren't Showing
  6. Always Shine
  7. VV Science Division (featuring Jackal Queenston)

Way High (2009)Edit

Adraen - Way High
Way High
  1. Way High
  2. Not So Bad
  3. Hardcore Disco (Adraen Remix)

The Beats With Two Backs (2009)Edit

The Beats With Two Backs
The Beats With Two Backs
  1. Sunnyville
  2. Save The World!
  3. Hello, Atmosphere
  4. Planet X
  5. Exploring the Reaches
  6. Killin' Your Dudes
  7. We Need A Hero!
  8. For Better Or For Worse

Grey Goo Scenario (2011)Edit

Adraen - Grey Goo Scenario
Grey Goo Scenario
  1. Friday Night Clubbers Die By The Sword
  2. Bad Man And / Or Rude Boy
  3. The Machines (And Us)
  4. Lift Me Up
  5. Treasure Planet
  6. Big Up Toronto

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