2 Live Crew:Fuck Shop Lyrics

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2 Live Crew
This song is performed by 2 Live Crew.
welcome to the f**k shop!

theres only one place where we can go
where the price is right just to f**k a ho
its always popular with the girls and the guys
for all my money it s the best buy
10 dollars 2 hours at the top of the stay
its more than enough time to slay
each room has a bed and also a sink
so u can wash yo dick after f**king the pink
but be carful of the things that u use cause u can get arested for sex abuse
so when u hit the door and the panties drop

alot of f**king and sucking at the f**k shop

please come inside and make yourself at home
i want to f**k cause my dicks on bone u mental hore behind closed doors
u will drink my come and nothing more
now spread your wings open for the flight
and let me fill u up with something milky white
break out the ice cubes and the hot water
this is the second half
and not the second quarter
ill f**k u till u sleep, u wil sleep like a baby
and in your dreams youll say im crazy at the f**k shop!

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