16 Volt:Fight Or Flight Lyrics

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16 Volt
This song is performed by 16 Volt and appears on the album Beating Dead Horses (2011).
I find myself in this empty room
Forced to the corner by an unseen enemy
I feel the shadows of impending doom
I have this feeling that this is the end of me
I only hope that it's fast to go
This nightmare feels like it's become an eternity
I can't seem to face my fears for shit
I try to breathe but i can't get ahead of it

I am falling into pieces
I am falling into the fray
I am falling into pieces
I am in a psychotic state

Heart is racing, i am sweating, shaking, choking, feel like i'm gonna die
Mind is running, dizzy, numbing, full of fear of becoming crazy
I am feeling creeping slowly coming turning out my insides
I'm overcome by disastrous thoughts, as they manifest the panic inside of my head
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