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TranslationThis is the English translation of "浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki):Boys And Girls".
Other versions: Romanized.
We began to shine. Someone can stop us, right?
We began to flap. Someone had the right to stop them, right?

It's on my lips.
It's in my dreams.
It's a story told by two.
You say you want to be happy.
You've already been so many times.
What do you want?
What's lacking?
Where will you turn?
Even if you ask,
I won't have the answer.

The moment you support me,
don't forget
the promises we exchanged
this summer.
We began to shine. If it's us we'll grasp tomorrow sometime, right?
We began to flap. If it's them then they'll find a shining tomorrow, right?

I was really expecting it.
I was really doubting it.
What was it? Who was it?
They say he's a good person.
He seems like a person I don't care about.
The morning glow is dazzling.
It pierces my eyes.
My breast hurts.
I was a little confused.

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